Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Ethiopian Food – Lamb & Spinach recipe Gomen be Sega

You can press pause at any time during the video should you wish.
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Then follows several other ingredients, they include.
Mitmita is a hot bend of spices used to make Kitfo, that has a kick.
Mitten Shiro is seasoned ground chickpeas used to make a popular Ethiopian dish called Shiro.
Korerima (cardamom powder), used to make Kitfo, and to flavour some of wot (stew) dishes.
Beso Bela is used to make Niter Kibe (Ethiopian seasoned butter) dried; which is used to make Kitfo, and to flavour almost any kind of dish.
Koseret is used to make Niter Kibe (Ethiopian seasoned butter).
Mekelecha (Wot Kimem) is a special blend of 7 spices used to give the extra finishing flavour for most Ethiopian red wot (stew) dishes.

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