Tuesday, February 25, 2014

How To Make Vegetable Stew Kerala Style

Vegetable Stew Kerala Style Video Recipe - Detailed Veg stew including carrot, potato, green peas recipe in malayalee / kerala style prepared by Thresiamma T.

Kerala Style Vegetable Ishtu is the perfect accompaniment to Paalappam. It is a classic breakfast dish.
Stew or Ishtu is a favorite side dish for breakfast in South India. Vegetables are cooked in thick coconut milk based gravy. Goes well with Idly or Dosa. for.
Tomato cooked with coconut and jeera paste tastes awesome.It goes well with chappathi , paratha and rice. For more recipes, visit: .
Carrots beans green chillies vinegar potatoes salt curry leaves coconut milk oil pepper cloves cinnamom cardamom pepper.

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