Thursday, March 27, 2014

Royal Kitchen Recipe – Lauki Musallam – By Vahchef

Housewives in rajasthan create exciting dishes out of what seem the most common vegetables, herbs and spices. This recipe is another such classic example. Bottle gourd stuffed with spicy paneer is tossed in a flavourful tomato based gravy. Although curds are used to prepare most rajasthani gravies, the use of tomato provides an interesting twist and a delightful variation to recipes.

Lauki 500 G
Green peas ½ c
Cashew nuts 1 cup
Raisins 2 tb
Yogurt 1 cu
green chilly Chopped 2 tb
Coriander 1 b
Cardamom powder 1 tb
Khoya ½ cup
Cream 2 tb
Ghee 2 tb
Chopped ginger 1 tb
Chopped garlic 1 tb
Chopped onions 1 cup
Tomatoes 3 n
Chilly powder 2 tb
Cumin powder 1 tb
Garam masala 1 tb
Green peas ½ c
Coconut powder ½ cu
Potatoes 1 c
Take a fork and punch on the lauki,(peel the bottle gourd) put salt on it and rub it, remove the centre part of the lauki,
Take some water in a pan add salt, turmeric and lauki cook it till 50%done take it aside.
Take a bowl add boiled green peas, broken cashew nuts, raisins, chopped green chilly, chopped coriander, salt cardamom powder, coconut powder, mashed potatoes, khoya mix all of this like a dough,
Take boiled lauki and stuff the mixture and cut them in to pieces.
Heat ghee in a pan add chopped ginger garlic, chopped onions, salt, turmeric, chilly powder, cumin powder, add tomatoes, cook for some time, add cashew nut paste and mix it, add yogurt, water, let it cook for 8 minutes, add garam masala powder place the stuffed pieces and cook for some time on a slow flame. Then add cream, switch off the flame, add saffron.
Serve this hot with rotti,
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